ThundBook’s Mission is to Become Our Reader’s Technology Resource Book.

We summarize the trendiest and best youtube reviews for technology products from laptops, desktops, tablets, mobile devices, and more. We appreciate and respect the efforts of all YouTubers, and we believe that their interesting perspective and professional reviews are a great resource to collect.

ThundBook is created for someone who watches tech review videos as a hobby, someone who is inspired by the YouTubers’ tech knowledge like us. Someone who would like to collect and bookmark the YouTuber’s review as a resource, as a collection, or simply for future reference.

ThundBook is created for someone who wants to find the best device to buy, but have very little knowledge and interest in technology products. Someone who hopes to use the least amount of time to skim through 5 to 7 summarized articles, and get the most out of these YouTuber’s professional reviews.